In Production: Sabbatical, the 2nd film from Brandon Colvin

On-set of Sabbatical starring Robert Longstreet.

In-production now in Madison, Wisconsin is the follow-up film to FRAMES, Brandon Colvin's debut film (NB premiere). The film stars Robert Longstreet in his first starring role, and his most restrained one. (Longstreet is a fixture in true indie film, he was featured in 4 films at Sundance '11, including opposite Michael Shannon in Take Shelter) Sabbatical is another minimalist affair, trading in the high school mystery of FRAMES, for a prodigal son story concerning a middle-aged Kierkegaard scholar and his ailing mother. Production wraps this week, and is on track to be completed by the end of August. Keep on eye out for this one, especially if you're a Robert Longstreet fan. Full disclosure: I have a small acting role in this film.  See below for Sabbatical overview:

An experiment in minimalist narrative and rigorous form, the film stars Robert Longstreet as Ben Hardin, a middle-aged Kierkegaard scholar, as he returns to his home town to care for his mother and finish his most recent book. While home, Ben's relationships with friends and family are tested, and he grows increasingly alienated. He is forced to confront his looming responsibilities and choose whether to engage or detach.