News: Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new We're keeping the simplicity of the blog but expanding beyond just posting films. We'll be covering the true indie world with a wider scope by welcoming in contributions from new writers and critics. Expect news, reviews, interviews, theatrical + VOD recommendations, crowdfunding suggestions, web videos / series, and Vine accounts. We'll also cover films in-production, and post columns with no-budget film stories and philosophies. Our focus on posting free new films will remain, and we'll feature more writing and/or context to each film.

As you notice, the site is very simple - just one column of content - everything we post will be in this column, but you can filter by Category in the top bar or browse in the sidebar. We have a new section for Upcoming Films as well. The background image will regularly change depending on new films. The current photo is from I Used to be Darker, Matt Porterfield's third film. (You can get a better glimpse by clicking Show Background in the About Tab of the Header.)

Our Tumblr page which has been our home from the beginning will continue. The content will mirror this site exactly so if you're used to that, feel free to stay there. (The domain name will soon revert to Also, if you usually view NB on a phone or tablet, Tumblr will be a better option for now. Lastly, our submission process will stay the same. Click here to submit a film. If you would like to contribute as a writer, go here for info. Thanks to those who have already contributed or have a film on the site. Please keep us on your radar, and help us spread the word about NoBudge. Thanks for your support!  -Kentucker Audley, founder + editor of NoBudge.