Vine account: "Simply Sylvio" by Albert Birney

Filmmaker Albert Birney (The Beast Pageant) is the man behind this burgeoning Vine character. He's racked up over 78,000 followers in a quick few months, constructing each 6 seconds with meticulous attention and charm. Watch as Sylvio - an ape - house sits for a friend, attends a baseball game, takes a dip, or picks raspberries. Birney's videos stand above the fray of Vine's endless cadre of 'yelling people', they achieve a refined artistry. If you have Vine, tune in for your daily Sylvio, just search "Simply Sylvio".

News: Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new We're keeping the simplicity of the blog but expanding beyond just posting films. We'll be covering the true indie world with a wider scope by welcoming in contributions from new writers and critics. Expect news, reviews, interviews, theatrical + VOD recommendations, crowdfunding suggestions, web videos / series, and Vine accounts. We'll also cover films in-production, and post columns with no-budget film stories and philosophies. Our focus on posting free new films will remain, and we'll feature more writing and/or context to each film.

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