Still from “ Elle & Naomi ”

Still from “Elle & Naomi

NoBudge Submissions

"I can't say enough good things about what NoBudge is doing for the exhibition of truly spirited independent work online. Wherever you are in your distribution process, a submission to NoBudge is a no-brainer." Micah Van Hove, filmmaker.

“NoBudge is fulfilling the potential of internet-based film culture in a way that nobody else is. It’s no exaggeration to say that the site completely changed the course of my filmmaking career. We all need help and support from our peers. NoBudge has been a conduit for that help and support.” Brandon Colvin, filmmaker.


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Why should I submit my film?

  • You're looking for a respected place to Premiere your film online. You'll have complete control over the release and screening window (Most of our films are up permanently, but you can choose a shorter time frame).

  • Your film is already online but you also want it screened on NoBudge with a new write-up, and shared on our social media channels.

  • You want to screen your short film live in Brooklyn and take part in a filmmaker Q&A and afterparty.

  • You want the support and endorsement from a site that's been called ""One of the best places to sample what’s happening in low-budget cinema worldwide." -The New York Times.

  • You want your film to be seen within a true indie context. We are focused on movies made for less than 100K.

  • To be eligible for the year-end NoBudge Awards, which annually names the best film in 12 categories.

After you Submit:

  • You will hear back within a week of submitting. If your film is selected, we will arrange with you to set a date to post, and add to our Upcoming Films section.

NoBudge Screening Options:

  1. Online Premiere. Film available Indefinitely*. This is our most common type of screening. Your film is premiering through NoBudge.** All Premieres receive write-ups from site founder Kentucker Audley or another freelance writer.

  2. Non-Premiere. Available Indefinitely*. We also screen films that are already available on Vimeo or YouTube, or premiere on another site. Write-ups from either Kentucker Audley or another freelance writer.

  3. Limited Run. Could be a week, or a month, or any length in between. Could be a Premiere or a film already available. Write-ups from Kentucker Audley or another freelance writer.

  4. NoBudge Live. NoBudge hosts live screenings bi-monthly in Brooklyn, New York. (Short films only).

*We can remove your film at any point upon your request if your distribution situation changes.

All accepted films in any category are Official Selections. Feel free to download the .PNG images below to use for promotional purposes.

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