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The Greggs

*Online Premiere* Please revise your most anticipated movies of 2014 to include The Greggs. Look no further than the trailer provided above. We don't need to see the rest of the movies, this is one of the funniest comedies of the year. From the directing team that brought you The Mud, last year's NoBudge award winner for Best Short, The Greggs is an uproarious follow-up...impossibly living up to its predecessors #knee_slapping anarchy, no let down in sight. A foursome wearing color-coordinated turtlenecks, all named Gregg, holed up in a house making standardized tests. You wanna be the one who doesn't see that movie? Not me. In January, Team Greggs won a Spirit of Slamdance award in Park City & now here they are hitting the internet. If they keep pumping out hits like this, watch out America. #Real_deal_alert. #We_Be_Gregg.

Earlier Event: June 24
Later Event: July 1