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Intimate Semaphores

*Online Premiere* A collection of three short stories, each a surreal and darkly comic exploration of creative expression and how our artistic impulses have the power to unite us or alienate us. Three short stories by T.J. Misny.

HELBERGER IN PARADISE stars Kate Lyn Sheil ("House of Cards", "Sun Don't Shine") as a New Yorker who returns to her hometown to make good on an anarchistic promise to a deceased lover.

HIGH AND DRY stars Ariane Labed ("Before Midnight", "Attenberg") as a privileged street photographer who suspects that her declining eyesight might have disturbing psychological implications.

THE CRUMB OF IT stars Jocelin Donahue ("The House of the Devil", "The Living") as a struggling comedian dating a rising star pastry chef played by Chioke Nassor ("The Exquisite Corpse Project"), who find that their creative pursuits may sabotage their new relationship. 

Earlier Event: July 21
Later Event: August 4
Diamond Day